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21st May 2018 - The conversion error about negative D:M:S coordinate is now fixed.

Here, you can submit a CSV file. Each line must designate a source that you want to find in the Gaia catalogue. A line entry can be one of the following:

  • An object name (e.g. rr lyrae or "rr lyrae")
  • A Gaia source ID (e.g. 381540121205828224)
  • A pair of ICRS coordinates (epoch=2016) in degrees or in sexagesimal notation. RA and DEC values must be separated by a comma (e.g. 247.35,-26.43, 16:29:24,-26:25:48 or 16 29 24,-26 25 48)
Here is an example file.

The returned document will always contain as many rows as the input file. When no match is found for an input source, an empty row is returned. Empty lines are ignored. However, if the input source is illegal (i.e. RA not between [0;360], DEC not between [-90;90] or an object name can not be resolved by Simbad), an error will be returned and no query will be performed.

The first column will always contain the input row and the second one will give the angular distance (in degrees) between the input target and the matched source in the Gaia catalogue. All the other columns are coming from the Gaia catalogue.