ARI's Gaia Services


The Gaia team at ARI proudly presents you its online services to access the Gaia catalogue. On this website you will find information and a simple web form for each of the provided services.

Below you will find a short description of all the available services. It should help you to understand their purposes and guide you toward the best service(s) for your needs.

Most of them are based on IVOA standards and thus are compatible with famous VO clients like TOPCAT, Aladin, and PyVO

Acknowledgement and citation of Gaia Data Releases

If you use public Gaia data in your paper, please take note of our guide on how to acknowledge and cite each Gaia Data Release.

Gaia Data Releases download

You can download any Gaia DRx table from the ESAC's CDN service.

RSS/Atom feed

To be notified about new Gaia-related features/services/data provided by ARI you can suscribe to this RSS/Atom feed.
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Data & statistics

The provided TAP service lets you query the Gaia catalogue and also allows crossmatches with either your own tables or with other catalogues which are also available through the same TAP service. All these catalogues are available as tables which are described, column by column, on the page  Data & Statistics.

The provided statistical information are provided for some meaningful numerical columns with at least one value in the whole catalogue:


In the current state, the Gaia team at ARI provides the following services:

Single source search

Thanks to this web service you can get very quickly all information about a specified Gaia source.

You can search a Gaia source with its ID (exact match) or with an object name or a position (the closest Gaia source will be returned).

It is also possible to search several Gaia sources at once by uploading a CSV file which each line can be either a source ID, an object name or a position.

Compatible VO clients: none (it is not a VO service)


Cone search

This service lets you execute a simple cone search on the main Gaia table.

You only have to provide a center position and a radius. Then the service will give you back a list of all Gaia sources within the specified radius.

Compatible VO clients: TOPCAT (desktop GUI client)/STILTS (console client)



Compared to the Cone Search service, a TAP (Table Access Protocol) service is more complex, but also gives much more freedom to design your specific requests. You can e.g. query more than one catalogue simultaneously using a SQL-like language: ADQL.

ADQL (Astronomical Data Query Language) lets you select all columns of your interest (n.b. an output column can also be a mathematical/aggregation operation on other columns) for sources that you have selected according to their position and constraints.

Compatible VO clients: TOPCAT (desktop GUI client)/STILTS (console client), TAPHandle (Web client)


 Under development services/features

Here is a short and temporary description of these coming services/features:

MOC search

Tool to perform a quick and rough crossmatch between the MOC (Multi-Ordered Coverage map) of a catalogue or data-set and the main Gaia table.

This service would use the notion of MOC as described by the IVOA standard MOC (version 1.0).

Histogram computation

Basic statistics and an histogram can be computed for a specified column or ADQL expression (e.g. a mathematic expression using one or more columns). This computation could be done on the whole Gaia catalogue or on the result of a TAP query.

This feature would provide the same kind of statistical information/file as for columns of catalogues hosted in the TAP service (see Data & Statistics for examples).

This service would follow the IVOA protocol ADQL (version 2.1).

Sky map computation

This feature would allow to produce sky maps whose pixel values would be averages (or any other kind of aggregation operations) on column values or on expressions for all sources covered by the corresponding sky region. This tool would work on the whole Gaia catalogue or on TAP results.

The same kind of sky map as for columns of catalogues hosted in the TAP service (see Data & Statistics for examples) would be provided here.

This service would follow the IVOA protocol ADQL (version 2.1).


If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please send an email to Jon Juaristi Campillo -

If you have experienced a problem with a service or the website, please provide enough information in order to help me reproducing it.