Orthosphere view mode


Use the button orthosphere-icon in the camera pane, or ctrl + j to enter and exit the orthosphere view mode.

Since 3.3.0

The orthosphere view mode blends the two hemispheres of the orthographic projection in panorama mode on top of each other to simulate a full celestial sphere. There are two profiles:

  • Orthosphere – the base mode, in which both hemispheres are blended on top of each other. Optionally, you can fill up the sphere with a material with a certain refraction index. To do so, open the preferences dialog, go to the Graphics configuration tab and scroll down to the experimental section. You will find a “Refraction index” slider to modify it.

  • Orthosphere cross-eye – a stereoscopic (3D) cross-eye mode which lays the images for each eye side-by-side.


ctrl + shift + j – Cycle between the different profiles.