Since 2.2.6


Gaia Sky offers a way to keep your favorite objects organized with bookmarks. Bookmarks are laid out in a folder tree. Bookmarks can either be in the root level or in any of the folders, which can also be nested. Any focusable object can be added to the bookmarks tree by simply clicking on the star star next to the object’s name when in focus. Once the object is in the bookmarks, the star will brighten up with a clear white color (depending on the UI theme).

Clicking on a bookmark selects the object and makes it the current focus. It also changes the camera to focus mode if needed. If the object does not exist, then nothing will happen. If the object exists but is not visible, a small text appears below the bookmarks tree notifying the user.

Bookmarks pane

The bookmarks pane

New bookmarks are added at the end of the root level (top of the folder structure). Move bookmarks around with the context menu that pops up when right clicking on them. This context menu also provides controls to create new folders and to delete bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be deleted by clicking on the star next to the name. Once the bookmark is removed, the star’s color changes to gray.

Bookmarks are saved to the file $GS_CONFIG/bookmarks/bookmarks.txt (see the folders section). The format of the file is very straightforward: each non-blank and non-commented (preceded by #) line contains a bookmark in the form folder1/folder2/[...]/object-name. You can edit this file directly or share it with others.

This is a valid bookmarks file:

# Bookmarks file for Gaia Sky, one bookmark per line, folder separator: '/', comments: '#'
Star Clusters/Pleiades
Star Clusters/Hyades
Solar System/Sun
Solar System/Earth
Solar System/Mercury
Solar System/Venus
Solar System/Mars
Solar System/Phobos
Solar System/Deimos
Solar System/Jupiter
Solar System/Saturn
Solar System/Uranus
Solar System/Neptune
Solar System/Moons/Moon
Solar System/Moons/Phobos
Solar System/Moons/Deimos
Solar System/Moons/Amalthea
Solar System/Moons/Io
Solar System/Moons/Europa
Solar System/Moons/Ganymede
Solar System/Moons/Callisto
Solar System/Moons/Prometheus
Solar System/Moons/Titan
Solar System/Moons/Rhea
Solar System/Moons/Dione
Solar System/Moons/Tethys
Solar System/Moons/Enceladus
Solar System/Moons/Mimas
Solar System/Moons/Janus