Since 3.1.7

Bounding shapes

You can add shapes around any focus-able object. To do so, right click on the object you want to add the shape around and a context menu like the following pops up:

Add bounding shape in the context menu

Add bounding shape, context menu

Adding bounding shapes

If you select “Add shape around ‘object’…”, the following dialog shows up:

Bounding shape dialog

Add bounding shape dialog

When adding a shape around an object there are a few properties that we can choose:

  • Object name: The name of the object. This will show up as the object label if ‘Show name label’ is checked.

  • Object size: The size of the object, together with the units of the size.

  • Show name label: Whether to show the label for the bounding shape or not.

  • Track object position: When checked, the bounding shape will follow the object around if/when it moves. Otherwise, the shape will stay at the original position.

  • Shape type: The shape type. Possible shapes are sphere, icosphere, octahedron sphere, cone, cylinder and ring.

  • Color: The color of the shape.

  • Primitive type: The primitive to use for rendering. If LINES, the shape is shown as a wireframe. If TRIANGLES, the shape is rendered as a solid object.

Removing shape objects

You can remove shape object using the context menu. You can either only remove the shape objects linked to a particular object with ‘Remove all shapes around Object’, or remove all the shapes with ‘Remove all shapes’.